In 2002 we started our "Bike" Collection, and Here's what we have accumulated thus far.

This bike is from the early 1900's.

We don't know the manufacturer, but this Bike dates back to 1919.

This is a 1920 Cleveland.

This is a 1924 Harley "J" Model.

This fine machine here is a 1933 Harley-Davidson "RLE"

This bike is the 1946 Harley Davidson "WL"

This is the 1947 Harley Davidson "WL"

One of the Original CHIPS Bikes.

The Other Original Chips Bike

A little more modern here is a 1986 Harley Davidson Tour Glide.

This is our 2001 Harley Davidson Switchblade.

This bike here is the 2002 Harley-Davidson "V-Rod"

This bike is a one of a kind, 2002 Indian Chief signed by every member of the 2002 Pittsburgh Steelers Football Franchise.


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